Upkeep of a newborn. Nine-30 days newborn

NewbornAt nine weeks, a baby sits comfortably without support, run, creeping along a fun. Rises in response to the outstretched arms to him, walks mitt in support, takes little subjects with both hand.Mimics a actions of any baby, communicating with gestures.If you give a kid sticks, and show them how to bang on the table, pipsqueak will imitate the actions. However properly he will love spoons hitting every other.A baby in a first nine months of playing properly in "ladushki," "Give the handle," etc., and to the problem "where?" And a request to "give" easily finds the desired item.Knows his name and responds to it. Knowing the name of loved ones, a names of a surrounding subjects, the pictures shows pictures of animals.Bright displays good and negative emotions, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.Identifies and prefers him well-known with the business.Ninth Month - the perfect time to start painting, sculpture, music lessons, where the baby will require a simple but independent action.The ninth month - the first milestone on a technique to a "isolation" from the mum. At this age a baby appears interested in other men, he begins to feel its ability to communicate with them, at least passively - by observing their activities. Not for nothing, psychologists recommend to use this time for a following momentous "innovation":Weaning, if you are not going to nourish to a point where a kid just forget size "Sis" in 2-2.5 years;Hiring a nanny or introduction into a family of some, until an unknown person for child maintenance and constant communication with a newborn, if you're going to go to work;Start visiting group of early progress or club for mothers with kids;Do not forget that a horse-drawn carriage through the shady alleys of the park it is time to change the playground. As, the dose communication with other people, depending on the individual's son or daughter.There are infants for whom communication - is more important than fresh bread. They feel fine in a crowd, eager to peers and are willing to hang around for hours sandbox. And for approximately limit - 3-4 men, and you get tired of communicating in just a 1/2-hour, starting to act up.By a way, a vagaries of this age - not a way to "poizmyvatsya" complete her mum, and a signal of a psychological or bodily discomfort, particularly on fatigue. Later all, the kid will not soon learn to consciously control a own relaxation.A baby seven or 8 or nine monthsCalendar of newborn seven weeksA child seven monthsCalendar of newborn growth: 8 weeksBaby eight monthsCalendar of newborn development: nine weeksBaby nine monthsChildren 10, 11, 12 monthsGrowth of a child under 1 yearCalendar of baby development   Leaving of a child. Resembling posts:Ear Nose & ThroatBabyCare of a newborn. Vitamins for nursingBabyCare of a child. Vitamin for infantsBaby.

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