Mothers. Dining nursing mother: main principles

NewbornThe value of the dietary feeding mom for her child.POWER nursing mums is one of a basic points of interest to newly mums. In many hospitals there is still a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant women. Not alone do these institutions the power feeding mom is no variant variety, however even know pregnant gerls are prohibited to transfer them to about of a vegetables and fruits that are how indispensable for a recovery of the body of a beautiful mum and her child. With the carte, a nursing mother is normally recommended to eliminate all allergens. These involve fresh fruits and raw vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this council - a diet feeding mum should be no carrots, red fresh apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Moreover, it is not recommended to use, and a variety of vegetables. In the menu lactating women enjoy no put fresh cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Cabbage is not recommended to apply because it may aggravate the process of fermentation in a gut, and cucumbers are weak young infants. Even if you are not in a food of the baby, so a nursing mother... If you start to study the properties of any product, it may be concluded that a large part of our food is absolutely not acceptable to a nursing mum. But after all of the food we get our aging body the required vitamin, minerals and nutrients. Is it worth it to deprive your aging body and a body of the baby "evolution blocks"? With insufficient and small nutrition nursing mums suffer not alone her body, but also the newborn's body. Do not forget about it.Chief rules of supply nursing mums1. Meal feeding mother should be more nutritious.How you know, upon lactation girl 18 years old is not only responsible for the own lustiness, but also for the heartiness of the newborn. This responsibility is to ensure adequate nutrition of their child, that is - fresh milk. The quantity of warm milk and its capacity depends on a lot of factors and the most serious of them - a power feeding mum. It has long been known that calorific diet feeding mom should be at 500-700 kcal above normal. It is therefore observe a weight loss diet during natural-feeding is not recommended. Why Nutrition nursing mum should be more nutritious? Because lactating gerls should not alone provide a aging body with all a essential nutrients, but as well a newborn's aging body. That's why regimen feeding mom want contain more calory.2. Regime feeding mum.Nursing mums are advised to obtain fresh food several times every day, but gradually. Overeating is as well not worth it. It is advisable before feeding a child a some snack. It is believed that a volume of milk becomes higher. In addition, such a dietary feeding mother is comfortable and the young woman, however much more convenient and healthy to put diet food in a relaxed environment where the child is asleep. This is specifically pertinent recommendation for gerls with babies under a age of six weeks.3. Meal feeding mom should be various.If the regimen of nursing mothers is not a useful item, it may even lead to a vitamins deficiency that she and a baby. Why, a menu is a nursing mom need not be monotonous. It is not recommended during breast-feeding observe mono-diet (a regimen that involve fresh food nursing moms alone ones in about item), even if it is a short period of time. This may lead to a reduction in a young girl in her fresh natural milk respectively protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamins. And if a strong adult aging body has to cope with stress, the child's body will suffer. Not only that, the newborn may refuse the fresh and have to switch to bottle-feeding, which can lead to problems of the gastrointestinal tract in babies. In addition, the infant formulas are not cheap. Meal feeding mum plays a huge role in a evolution of the baby. Even such "questionable" foods like cucumbers, demand to eat, but alone in little quantities. One of the main principles of nutrition feeding mom - the gradual introduction of the food items that are on the one mitt demandes the aging body, and on the other - may cause nuisance for a newborn. Particularly, this principle relates to power a nursing mother with a child under the age of 3-4 months, upon the time of infant colic and other intestinal disorders in a newborn.4. Role sufficient fluent nutritional feeding mom.Talking about nutrition nursing moms, not to mention a role of the fluid. Upon and of the childbirth a young girl loses much of fluid from the aging body. And it must be replaced, otherwise It is possible to bring a aging body to dehydration. Besides, the amount of fluid consumed and the amount will depend on milk produced. Minimum liquidity that person need consume per day - 1-1.5 liters, and in summer even more. Nursing so a young girl should drink fluids to 2 minutes more. Moreover, a experience proved that if you drink at least a cup of plain drinking aqua for 20 minutes before feeding, the natural milk during breast-feeding will come in greater numbers.What products must be present in a diet of lactating mums.In a diet of the nursing mum should be present meat. "Strict" vegetarians should Think about... It is desirable to take lean fresh meat - pork, veal, white meat poultry. A preferred approach of cooking - decoction rather than frying. In addition to meat menu nursing mother should comprise protein-rich foods like eggs and fresh fish, and dairy products. Regarding the fresh fish is also desirable to pick out lean her views - hake, perch, pollock, cod, etc.

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