Attention of a newborn. Train intelligence

ChildA successful combination of genes, upbringing and environment - a ideal basis for the evolution of mental faculties kid. A basic thing - do not miss the time!Scientists get long been proven that mitt movements (a so-called beautiful motor skills) are in close contact with mental building. Numerous studies keep shown that the more active the child acts fingers, the sooner he starts talking.Try to make a child's 1-st toys were made of fabrics of variant textures. Then you will contribute to the building of a wide range of tactile sensations. A small later, plasticine and clay will allow the child not alone train the hands, but as well to make figurines of animals or heroes.By a technique, no less helpful activities like tying shoelaces, sorting of big, hard thread, modeling dough, collecting puzzles and mosaics.  Mums. Alike posts:Service of a newborn. Evolution of a baby in 9 weeksChildChild. Dining nursing momsChildMums. Vitamins for babiesChild.

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