Moms. Traces of a skin

NewbornFront or back of the neck of the child and in other areas of maximum stress skin at birth are sometimes bands of stretching. You will disappear in a next few days.If the birthday canal is too narrow, on the neck, skin, ears and under the baby hairs can tread marks with the pressure of his mom's pelvic bone protrusions. These red spots or stripes with little bleeding and bruising too firmly fade and pass.Birthday injuryEasy birthday: birth trauma   Moms. Resembling posts:Baby attention. Nutrition lactating gerlsChildIncrease lactationChildMums. Rickets and Vitamin DBaby. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. Can a nursing mum eat bananas

NewbornCan I natural-feeding mom big bananas, so effective (or useless) for herself and for her newborn? Let's deal. Warm-feeding is much important in a life of mum and baby, because at this time of the baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of a digestive system. Up to 3 months, a newborn does not possess enough enzymes to digest meal faster, however - his mum must be particularly attentive to a food, specifically if a baby is fed only breast natural milk her. Because a matter of whether a nursing mom to eat big bananas, the answer is conditionally positive. You can, but in much little amounts, how it is quite heavy diet food. A lot of pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain with eating bananas until a baby is TWO-3 months. Читать полностью -->

Child. Dining nursing mother: basic principles

NewbornA value of a regime feeding mum for her child.POWER nursing moms is one of the main points of interest to newly moms. In a lot of hospitals there is yet a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant women. Not only do these institutions a power feeding mom is no different variety, however even know pregnant gerls are prohibited to transfer them to some of the vegetables and fresh fruits that are so indispensable for the recovery of a body of a attractive mother and her baby. With the menu, a nursing mum is normally recommended to eliminate all allergens. These comprise fruits and vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this advice - the diet feeding mum need be no carrots, red apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Читать полностью -->

Service of a baby. Problems with lactation

NewbornIt is influential to solve the problems with lactation right away, however soon arise.Nipples are sore, cracked or bleed. Mild pain is ordinary at first, but severe pain or irritation - ofttimes a sign of improperly position while feeding a baby. Master a method of proper feeding, and in addition:First, let's less painful breasts;Earlier you pick up away the chest, put a fingers on a corners of a baby's mouth;Breast milk is sufficient healing, so squeeze out a some natural milk to a nipples of the feeding and let it very dry;Do not washing the breasts with soap and h2o is sufficient.Chest swell. This is normal betwixt the third and fifth time after birthday - how a breasts produce milk. A swelling should subside in a day or 2 because of frequent feeding, but as well:Put a heartwarming compress on the warm before feeding to stimulate the outflow of natural milk;If a chest is too strongly Decant some natural milk fresh pump or by hand, until it becomes softer - otherwise a child will not be able sucking meticulously;If pain or swelling strong and you keep a fever, seek medicinal efforts immediately, it may be a sign of mastitis.Milk itself is leaking. This is normal, the body adapts to breastfeeding. Читать полностью -->

Train intelligence

NewbornThe successful combination of genes, upbringing and environment - the ideal basis for a growth of mental faculties kid. The main thing - do not miss a time!Scientists have long been proven that hand movements (a so-called beautiful motor skills) are in close contact with mental building. Numerous studies possess shown that a more efficient a child acts hands, a sooner he starts talking.Strive to make a baby's first toys were made of fabrics of variant textures. So you will contribute to the progress of a wide range of tactile sensations. A small later, plasticine and clay will allow a baby not only train the hands, but as well to create figurines of animals or heroes.By the way, no less helpful activities such as tying shoelaces, sorting of great, tightly thread, modeling dough, collecting puzzles and mosaics.  Baby service. Resembling Moms.articles:Mums. Читать полностью -->

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