Moms. Breastfeeding Mother alcohol is banned

NewbornAlcohol use upon warm-feeding should be prohibited. The level of alcohol in the body rises some an hour of the eating, and for its complete removal demandes several hours. Later receiving the spirits, the newborn may get lethargic, depressed, or vice versa, to behave unusually efficacious and excited.  Similar Moms.articles:Newborn service. Baby 5 weeksNewbornMaintenance of a child. Dining nursing mumBabyChild. Newborn MassageChild. Читать полностью -->

When to introduce solid foods

NewbornOn so well a baby will be fed in the 1st year of your, depends on his well-being and his relationship with fresh food in the next. So nurture a real connoisseur of healthy fresh food!Very tasty and wholesome diet food for the baby for the first six months of life is my mum's natural milk. If for approximately reason a mum may not breastfeed, he has adapted to have a big-quality blend. But there comes a time when a growing aging body demands, and other food.You will recognize that it is time to enter solid foods for some key criteria: interest in fresh food adult, the ability to confidently sit, a outside of the first tooth. So, it's time to think some so to enter solid foods to a baby.  Baby. Alike Maintenance of a child.articles:Bathing a newbornChildNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Nine-30 days newborn

ChildAt nine months, a newborn sits rightly without support, move, creeping along a fun. Rises in response to a outstretched arms to him, walks hand in support, takes little subjects with both hand.Mimics a actions of another child, communicating with gestures.If you give a kid sticks, and show them so to bang on the desk, pipsqueak will imitate a actions. How well he will love spoons hitting each other.A baby in the first nine months of playing well in "ladushki," "Give a handle," etc., and to a issue "where?" And a request to "give" easily finds a desired item.Knows his name and responds to it. Knowing the name of loved ones, a names of a surrounding objects, the pictures shows pictures of animals.Bright displays good and negative emotions, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.Identifies and prefers him popular with the business.Ninth Month - a perfect time to start painting, sculpture, music lessons, where a child will require a simple but independent action.The ninth month - a first milestone on the method to the "isolation" with a mum. At this age the baby appears interested in other men, he begins to feel its ability to communicate with them, at least passively - by observing the activities. Not for nothing, psychologists recommend to use this time for a following influential "innovation":Weaning, if you are not going to nourish to a point where the kid just forget about "Sis" in 2-TWO.5 years;Hiring a nanny or introduction into the family of some, until an unknown person for newborn upkeep and constant communication with the baby, if you're going to go to work;Beginning visiting group of early development or club for moms with infants;Do not forget that a horse-drawn carriage through the shady alleys of the park it is time to substitute a playground. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a baby. Traces of a face

NewbornFront or back of a neck of a child and in other areas of maximum stress face at birthday are at times bands of stretching. You will disappear in the next any hours.If a birth canal is too narrow, on a neck, facial skin, ears and under the newborn hairs may tread marks from the pressure of his mother's pelvic bone protrusions. These red spots or stripes with some bleeding and bruising too strongly fade and pass.Birth injuryEasy birth: birthday trauma   Similar posts:Newborn maintenance. Massotherapy infantChildBaby maintenance. BreastfeedingBabyHardening of infantsBaby. . Читать полностью -->

Child. I know how to suck

BabyThis reflex appears at first child: an ultrasound you can see however he sucks her finger. Of the the birth of newborn hone a skills. As soon how you touch a nipple of his lips, so it would have to drink natural milk. This reaction is maintained even of the years. Some automatism associated with a search for a natural. Stroke a newborn's small finger corner of his mouth. Читать полностью -->

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