Mums. Cooking Lessons

BabyOf course, you care about the hygiene of your child, strive to nourish him alone healthy and freshly prepared foods. However, a intention of "eating right" in relation to a baby has a number of features. Children's dishes keep your own laws.Boiled or steamed raw vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a small capacity of aqua differ rich taste, and consistency of your tender. Besides, when such processing is better preserved vitamin. In no case did not saute, even dressing for bisque or borscht.Without sol and cane sugar in all foods possess some of these natural ingredients, how teach your newborn to the organic tasting. But we can safely add to the broth or puree - as it's a little bit of vegetable oil. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. Can a nursing mother eat ripe bananas

BabyCan I breast-feeding mom medium bananas, how beneficial (or useless) for herself and for her newborn? Let's deal. Fresh-feeding is highly momentous in a life of mom and baby, because at this time of the baby's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of a digestive system. Up to 3 weeks, the newborn does not keep enough enzymes to digest food faster, as - his mum need be specifically attentive to a diet, particularly if the baby is fed alone fresh natural milk her. Because a problem of whether a nursing mom to eat medium bananas, the answer is conditionally positive. You can, but in extremely small amounts, as it is quite heavy food. Many pediatricians are so generally recommend to refrain with eating big bananas until the child is TWO-3 weeks. Читать полностью -->

So to have rid of postpartum depression

NewbornEveryday ways to have rid of postpartum depression, proven experience, there is quite a lot. And do not think that if they really positions, then this becomes less active. However, for all lactating women are beneficial for long walks in a sweet air (incidentally, improves the tasting of warm natural milk).About also request at least a long telephone conversations. What is really there, as be it, open the "terrible secret": although experts and do not recommend, but basically quite comfortable at a same time talking on a phone... And feed a child breast.Strive all that it may improve a mood: shopping, reading, bubble bath, sitting aimlessly at a TV (we know that it is not necessary, but if you should it...), crafts, yoga, rearranging furniture, meetings with friends, finally. And how on and so forth.Council on "getting rid of generic depression" By a way, in many ways our mood depends not on a improperly foot, with which we stood, and with a time of our morning awakening.Young mums, rejoice: early recovery that you provided part of a carefully through the efforts of a child, 50-70% reduces a risk of postpartum depression and apathy. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a newborn. Cooking Lessons

ChildOf course, you care about a hygiene of a child, strive to feed him alone valuable and freshly prepared foods. However, the intention of "eating rightly" in relation to the child has a number of features. Infants's dishes get your own laws.Boiled or steamed fresh vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a little amount of water differ rich tasting, and consistency of their tender. Besides, when such processing is consummate preserved vitamins. In no case did not saute, even dressing for soup or borscht.Without sol and sugar in all foods possess some of these organic ingredients, so teach a baby to the organic taste. But we can safely add to to the soup or puree - however it's a small bit of vegetable oil. Читать полностью -->

Newborn. Baby Massage: Questions and Answers

NewbornGyms and massage are helpful at a age, but is particularly important in the first year of child's life. For presently, there is a bookmark heartiness for many years.As long does a massage, and how many sessions includes a course?The session lasts at the start of the course of size an hour. By the middle of a loading increases, but all depends on the newborn: some babies have tired after 20 min, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Normally carried out 10 sessions. Clearly good trend seen in a 12-13th session.When It is possible to do a second course of a massotherapy a newborn?It depends on a medic's testimony, but not earlier than one month later a previous one. The recommended frequency of once per quarter.A medical man at times advised to create "physical therapy massotherapy +", what is it?Medic exercises complex - a system of exercises for various ages, developing different muscle groups. Читать полностью -->

Service of a baby. Growth of great motor skills

Baby"Our fingers wrote, our fingers are tired..." Remember when we recite these lines in chorus, clenching and unclenching her hands to work for the glory?Oh, it's not an easy item - to display various hooks and rods. To tell a truth, even just to keep the handle properly - an art. Parents of 1st-graders, reading these words, nodded in agreement, let out a heavy sigh, a parents of preschoolers puzzled shrug.Alas, not all adults pay note to how a newborn is managed with a pencil or pen. Clutched in his hand - it does not matter, the chief item that draws! All three finger pinch, pushing any other and making it heavily to grasp the handle at a highly tip of the rod - it does not problem, but it says! That kid has used to act this way and not otherwise. One, two, three, sometimes longer...A 1st-class turns out that he writes extremely slowly, arm has tired, and get about ugly letters. A result - poor grades in school, terrible handwriting and steady dislike of the letter.  Similar Upkeep of a newborn.articles:How to increase milk supplyNewbornChild. Читать полностью -->

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